Summit Scope

The world’s first Global Hygiene Summit intends to become the global meeting place for the diverse audiences involved in hygiene. Through the provision of greater context to this, currently, fragmentary field and through the development of clearly defined boundaries the Global Hygiene Summit will articulate the shape, scope and importance of the hygiene field, and motivate multi-level and multi-disciplinary working by bridging epidemiology, behaviour and policy. 


In doing so it intends to gain consensus on how to effectively measure behavioural change (ROI), and economic impact and how to present this to engage policymakers. By establishing the need and basis for a holistic, coordinated approach the Global Hygiene Summit will create clarity around hygiene and the positive impact that could be gained in global health and societal outcomes. 

Summit Aims and Outputs

It will bring together scientists, politicians, the private sector and civil society to generate impact through the intersection between health and hygiene ~ which is vital to safeguarding the physical and economic wellbeing of populations worldwide, both amid COVID-19 and beyond.  

RGHI is focussed on plugging significant gaps in the health research space and improving access to information that will bridge epidemiology, public health, and behaviour change. The Global Hygiene Summit will align with this aim by informing the global health agenda stimulating discussion that could lead to the adoption of better and more sustainable hygienic practises globally.

In addition to these learnings, the Global Hygiene Summit 2023 will motivate the [Singapore] Declaration; a guide for structural change that will be brought about by co-discussion and global co-operation and set the agenda for future change.