The program for the Global Hygiene Summit has been developed in collaboration with the Global Hygiene Summit 2023 Content Committee.  The Committee members are drawn from diverse backgrounds and specialities and, together, have brought significant experience to the development and planning of the Global Hygiene Summit.

In order to deliver a coordinated approach, the Global Hygiene Summit will use three themes across its program.

These are:

  • Practice
  • Policy
  • Science

The plenary sessions will be led by leading commentators and influencers in the field whilst the parallel sessions will utilise a panel discussion approach with speakers drawn from each of the three themes.

Details of the Summit Program will be published shortly. 

The Global Hygiene Summit 2023 is being chaired by Professor Yee-Sin Leo, Executive Director of the National Centre for Infectious Diseases in Singapore.

“Hygiene generally refers to conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases. Despite its intimate link to health, hygiene is ill-defined and often intertwined with socioeconomic status, and cultural belief and practices. Hygiene is a fundamental pre-requisite for sustainable public health and with our dual mission of clinical and public health, NCID is pleased to partner RGHI and World Bank for this inaugural summit in Singapore. Leveraging on prominent stakeholders, this summit will elevate hygiene to the highest global agenda in promoting and sustaining health.”

Photo credit: NUS Office of Alumni Relations